A small in-house production agency with big experience

Artmix is a full-service Content Creation agency, offering a breadth of services which we tailor to your individual needs. Unlike other agencies all services are managed in-house encouraging consistency across your campaign and minimising costs. Working on both international and local brands, we choose to fly under the radar, concentrating more on our clients and building their brands, as oppose to spruiking our own.


Brands are widely misrepresented due to a lack of quality branded content that does not align well with their target audience. This results content being produced that is off brand, not reaching the right clientele and not forming a true reflection of the brand personality. Artmix extends our industry-leading diagnostics service to provide a full-suite of research if required to match the content created to your audience.

Our team helps your business deliver a clear and memorable message through specialised content creation, we develop strategies to tell your story and inspire people to get involved with your brand.

Our eye for extraordinary detail ensures our curated content stays true to your brand identity and our content creation process is what sets us apart from the crowd. With over 20 years of experience in creating content and access to resources that ensure we create your concept from the ground up internally, we have all bases covered.


We offer a broad range of cost-effective benefits including:

  • Industry reputation
  • Proven processes
  • Increased speed to market
  • Minimised rework
  • Maximised ROI
  • Transparent collaboration


We give you the choice and control you need by providing options when it comes to in-house production, video or photography shoots.